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Sometimes, you just need to know when...

Nobody is immune to the consequences of oversharing. That's why it's crucial, especially in Las Vegas, to fight this urge and #knowthecode. More than 10,000 have taken the oath to and accepted the responsibility to Protect the Moment because "What Happens Here, Stays Here." If you aren't among them, take a second to join this elite and revered group of good Vegas citizens.

If you have doubt as to whether or not you've broken the code, here are 5 of our top 10 ways to know if you're close...

  1. If your tweet starts with "This may be illegal in other cities," you may have broken the code.
  2. If your status update begins with "I shouldn't be saying this but...," you may have broken the code
  3. If your shared-photo needs black bars over friends' eyes, you may have broken the code
  4. If you've ever tried to hit "UNDO" after sending an email, you may have broken the code
  5. If you email a link to your blog, and it goes directly to your friend's SPAM folder, you may have broken the code.

Still not sure what #knowthecode is all about? Learn more, courtesy of our YouTube channel:

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