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By the time your favorite sitcom is over, your secrets may be out

     There's a reason we like to remind you that What Happens Here, Stays Here. It's because even the things you tell people in confidence often find a way of leaking out.

     The next time you sit down to watch your favorite half-hour sitcom or reality show, think about this: If you've just told a girlfriend about your latest Vegas experience and she doesn't #knowthecode ... around the time your show is over, there's a good chance someone else will know about it, according to this story.

     That's why it's imperative you get ALL of your friends to take the oath and Protect the Moment.

     Otherwise, someone is likely to further compound the issue by sneaking onto your Facebook page to enter some "life event" on your timeline. Some things simply should not be overshared!

     So be cautious about who you are telling secrets. You certainly don't want to tell this person:




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