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Tag - comedy

Imagine yourself at a Vegas magic show


Dirk ArthurSit back, relax and prepare to be mesmerized by world-renowned magicians and illusionists in the entertainment capital of the world.

Two of the most well-known magicians of their time, Penn & Teller, draw large crowds with a unique mix of comedy and magic involving knives, guns, fire, a showgirl and so much more at the Rio Hotel.  Known as the "Bad Boys of Magic" for supposedly revealing secrets to their tricks, these magicians still manage to leave you guessing.

Planet Hollywood's Miracle Mile Shops theaters play host to a plethora of comedians and entertainers. One eccentric magician whose strange sense of humor and unusual stage antics have earned him recognition by the International Magic Awards for "Best Comedy Magician," The Amazing Johnathan tantalizes audiences with his adult-themed show at the Harmon Theater.  New to Vegas, illusionist Michael Turco, who had a recent stint on NBC's America's Got Talent, is set to bring his new show to the Saxe Theater on February 16; he'll team up with Dancing with the Stars dancer Lacey Schwimmer, who choreographs the show!  Finally, back after a 10-year hiatus, the first female magician to have her own headlining magic show on the Strip during the 1990s, Melinda - First Lady of Magic, launches her comeback as an act in V - The Ultimate Variety Show.

Nathan Burton is sure to turn a few heads in his production at the Flamingo that offers an action-packed magic show that's great for the entire family. Criss Angel's BELIEVE by Cirque du Soleil at Luxor takes you deep inside the creative and mythical world of imagination in this fairy tale performance. Mind reader and prankster Mike Hammer will leave you on the edge of your seat with his double-edged razor-blade swallowing trick at the Four Queens Hotel and Casino, while Mac King will have you laughing out loud at his quirky sense of humor and visual gags at Harrah's.

Don't miss Magic of Paris at the Paris Hotel and Casino to see (or not see) illusionist Stephane Vanel. Also, the new Vegas Magic Theatre at Gold Coast features magician Ben Stone and a variety of entertainers ranging from illusionists, comedy magicians and variety acts - every week is a different show! Finally, catch a glimpse of Dirk Arthur's show, Wild Magic, at O'Shea's Casino for the rare opportunity to see him interact with 400- to 600-pound Siberian tigers!

Get ready to be amazed and ask yourself "How'd they do that?!" Book your trip today and see the world's greatest magicians day and night, only in Vegas.

Quick chat with The Diva of Comedy -- Joan Rivers!

Comedian Joan Rivers talks about why she loves Las Vegas and has enjoyed coming back over the years. Rivers is a frequent Las Vegas performer and will be returning in July for another hilarious engagement at the Venetian!

Las Vegas.com: Many people perceive Las Vegas as a place where they can do just about anything they feel and let themselves go. You're known for speaking your mind without fear. Do you see a little Las Vegas attitude in you?

Joan Rivers: "I do see myself as someone who tells it like it is, and to me that's a lot of what this city is about. You can lose you inhibitions here, have a good time, and feel more confident in this city. It's so much fun here."

LV: How has the city changed over the years and what direction do you see it heading?

JR: "I've been performing here for more than 25 years and it's fun to see the changes here and see the city grow. They are constantly bringing in new shows and the best talent in the world. Whatever you want to see, it's here. I think that it's just going to keep getting bigger and bigger and better ?? everything you want is already here and the city will continue to have that. The shopping is glorious! And the food is amazing. Every hotel in the old days had a steakhouse, an Italian restaurant and a coffee house. Now, you can take your pick from everything you can imagine and I think the city will keep getting more and more."

LV: What's your favorite thing to do in Las Vegas when you aren't performing?

JR: "I love to go to one of my favorite places in the world, Lavo, and sit outside on the terrace. I love the view and you can still see the Strip ?? that's how I relax when I come here."

LV: What separates Las Vegas audiences from other cities?

JR: "Here, you're playing to all of America, and really, all of the world. And all of the world watches the same thing now. Seinfeld reruns and Larry King are on in England. Everyone has seen the same stuff, they read the same stories. Las Vegas audiences are terrific, because it's not like you are playing to a little community. It's a big mixture of people and that makes it easy for a performer."

LV: What other impressions of Las Vegas do you have?

JR: "Anyone that comes here should have a good time. People who feel intimidated by the gorgeous girls or any of the things that you see in Las Vegas should just be themselves and have fun. Any normal person can't help but have a great time here. ?¦ One other great thing I love about this town is the Venetian, and I'm not just saying that because I am performing there. Anytime I can take a gondola ride without showing a passport, I love it."

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