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Tag - overshare

Three words with dire oversharing consequences: Reply to all

     If you Know the Code, you know how important it is not to overshare information. That's why you and your friends should be sure to take the oath before you visit Las Vegas, and join the movement that is more than 30,000 strong.

     Oversharing can be dangerous, especially dangerous in the workplace, as one recruitment executive learned the hard way when he inadvertently hit "reply to all" and sent a scathing email to 4,000 people. Whoops.

     That's why we've chosen to keep our message simple, and crystal-clear: Don't overshare! Otherwise, you'll be THAT guy:



By the time your favorite sitcom is over, your secrets may be out

     There's a reason we like to remind you that What Happens Here, Stays Here. It's because even the things you tell people in confidence often find a way of leaking out.

     The next time you sit down to watch your favorite half-hour sitcom or reality show, think about this: If you've just told a girlfriend about your latest Vegas experience and she doesn't #knowthecode ... around the time your show is over, there's a good chance someone else will know about it, according to this story.

     That's why it's imperative you get ALL of your friends to take the oath and Protect the Moment.

     Otherwise, someone is likely to further compound the issue by sneaking onto your Facebook page to enter some "life event" on your timeline. Some things simply should not be overshared!

     So be cautious about who you are telling secrets. You certainly don't want to tell this person:




Oversharing can be costly

     When you're in Vegas, it's important to #knowthecode and Protect the Moment. Take the oath and let it be known by all that you're an honest and trustworthy Las Vegas traveling companion.

     Besides, oversharing can be costly. Just ask supermodel Vanessa Hessler, whose recent comments about her relationship with a member of the Gadhafi family got her fired from her job as a spokesmodel for for Telefonica Germany.

     Oversharing was also costly for Miami Heat owner Micky Arison - to the tune of $500,000, the fine he was levied by the NBA for replying to a fan's tweet about the lockout.

     Sometimes, it's best to keep things to yourself. Especially in Vegas. Otherwise, your friends might try to avoid you. Remember: What Happens Here, Stays Here.



The ultimate overshare: Childbirth as performance art?

     More than 15,000 have joined the movement to Protect the Moment. They #knowthecode and have sworn to uphold it by taking the oath. They know when you are in Vegas -- What Happens Here, Stay Here.

     If you haven't done so, please join this elite group. Some people are definitely guilty of oversharing and need to be held accountable. Take performance artist Marni Kotak, for example. She's preparing to give birth to her first child, but not by traditional means -- she's planning to do so in a Brooklyn, N.Y., art gallery, for the whole world to see!

     If you like art, we welcome you to check out the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art or Madame Tussauds at The Venetian. And you don't have to give birth while you're there, either ...

     Another problem with sharing too much information is that you could be passing along bad information. Such as naming the wrong World Series winner.

     Be careful what you share. Otherwise, you might be the subject of an intervention:




Don't overshare when it comes to matters of the heart

     It's easy to slip up and overshare information, even when your heart is in the right place. That's why it's so important to Take the oath and #Knowthecode before you come to Vegas, because "What Happens Here, Stays Here."

     Take the Heart Attack Grill downtown at the Fremont Street Experience, for example. Enjoy your meal here - but be careful about oversharing your experience as a "patient." Diners have supersized meals served by nurses, as seen in this MSNBC video.

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

     Other matters of the heart also are sometimes best to keep to yourself. Susan Boyle's path to success is heartwarming, but did she need to reveal her feelings, and special keepsake, regarding Flamingo headliner Donny Osmond?

     A 100-year-old man recently showed his heart is still pumping in great shape, completing a full marathon in Toronto. But afterward, he showed that there's no age limit on oversharing when he claimed "achieving this will be like getting married again." Hey, if he really wants to make that happen, the Zappos Rock 'N' Roll Las Vegas Marathon is on the horizon, and no place does weddings like Las Vegas. You're never too old for Vegas!

     So take the oath -- you'll learn how to Protect the Moment and prevent yourself from that difficult heart-to-heart talk with friends who have accused you of sharing too much about your trip to Vegas.

Sometimes, you just need to know when...

Nobody is immune to the consequences of oversharing. That's why it's crucial, especially in Las Vegas, to fight this urge and #knowthecode. More than 10,000 have taken the oath to and accepted the responsibility to Protect the Moment because "What Happens Here, Stays Here." If you aren't among them, take a second to join this elite and revered group of good Vegas citizens.

If you have doubt as to whether or not you've broken the code, here are 5 of our top 10 ways to know if you're close...

  1. If your tweet starts with "This may be illegal in other cities," you may have broken the code.
  2. If your status update begins with "I shouldn't be saying this but...," you may have broken the code
  3. If your shared-photo needs black bars over friends' eyes, you may have broken the code
  4. If you've ever tried to hit "UNDO" after sending an email, you may have broken the code
  5. If you email a link to your blog, and it goes directly to your friend's SPAM folder, you may have broken the code.

Still not sure what #knowthecode is all about? Learn more, courtesy of our YouTube channel:

Vegas Weekend: Setting the scene -- Eva Longoria, Rob Kardashian, Lil Jon & more

     Stars from TV dramas, reality shows and house music descend on Las Vegas for another fun-filled weekend of nightlife that only Vegas can deliver.

     Enter Holly's world on Friday night as Peepshow star Holly Madison hosts the party at Gallery Nightclub inside Planet Hollywood. You can also dance with a star as Rob Kardashian hosts at The Bank inside Bellagio, or attend the Shaun White Supply Co. kickoff party at TAO Nightclub at The Venetian.

     Creayshawn performs her hit song, "Gucci Gucci," at Moon inside the Palms, and there are plenty of top DJs in town Friday night, including Dirty South at The Cosmopolitan's Marquee, Sidney Samson tearing down the house at Surrender inside Encore at Wynn Las Vegas, DJ Pauly D at Rain at the Palms and Sultan & Ned Shepard featuring Nadia Ali spinning at Haze Nightclub at ARIA.

     Saturday night, The Situation will be fist-pumping at Gallery and Lil Jon will be causing some turbulence when he spins at Tryst inside Wynn Las Vegas. DMC of Run DMC hosts at LAX inside Luxor, Kaskade spins at Marquee, Sebastian Ingrosso performs at XS at Encore at Wynn Las Vegas, Pharrell Williams is at Chateau Nightclub & Gardens at Paris Las Vegas and DJ R3hab is at Surrender.

     Make your plans to visit Vegas this weekend. Before you do, join thousands of others who have taken the oath at LasVegas.com/knowthecode. You'll learn how to Protect the Moment and qualify for a free trip to Vegas!

Careful! Oversharing can happen by accident

   It's your civic duty to #knowthecode and report people who break it, especially in Vegas. But sometimes, we don't have to -- some violators inadvertently report themselves.

   Take a recent purse snatcher in Georgia, for instance. After swiping a handbag which contained a cell phone, the perpetrator used the victim's phone to take a picture. However, unaware of the victim's auto settings, the photo of the thief was uploaded to the victim's Facebook page!

   Another example of oversharing: This couple used a phone to share the ultimate moment, changing their Facebook status to "married" during their wedding. We advise that if you're ready to tie the knot -- do it in Vegas, a city that knows a thing or two about weddings -- but fight the urge to overshare. The wedding official doesn't say "You may now Tweet the bride, does he?"

   Feel free to snap pics of your Vegas wedding and post them on your social pages. Just don't go too far. Leave the honeymoon to yourselves. Go to LasVegas.com/knowthecode and join thousands of others that have taken the oath against oversharing. Protect the Moment! Otherwise: You could get "Busted:"

Know the Code -- don't overshare!

  What's #knowthecode all about? It's your declaration that when you're in Vegas, What Happens Here, Stays Here. 

     Imogen Thomas definitely overshared on her Twitter feed during a recent trip to Vegas.Don't get us wrong, you can still tweet and post and snap pictures when you are enjoying Las Vegas. Just don't go too far. Take the oath and join the movement to stop people who "overshare."

     Take Welsh model Imogen Thomas, for instance. As you can see here, she tweeted a little too much during a recent trip to Vegas. Everyone loves the sizzling nightlife in celeb hotspots such as Pure Nightclub at Caesars Palace and XS Nightclub at Encore at Wynn Las Vegas, but that's still no reason to violate the code. 

     Sharing too much can have undesirable repercussions. Just ask Hewlett-Packard VP Scott McClellan. And should Alec Baldwin and his new girlfriend really be sharing intimate thoughts on Twitter? Instead, they should try a romantic meal with a table on the patio at Comme Ça inside The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, with its breathtaking view of The Strip.

     When you're in Vegas, Protect the Moment. #Knowthecode, otherwise, this could happen to you: 



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