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Gregory Popovich's Comedy Pet Theater

Planet Hollywood

Venue: V Theater

3667 S. Las Vegas Blvd.

Las Vegas, NV

Show Times: 4pm

Show Length: 75 minutes

Starting at $29.99

Who says you can't teach old dogs new tricks?

Not world-renowned circus performer, Gregory Popovich.

In Gregory Popovich Comedy Pet Theatre, see pets of all ages perform stunts in this charming, afternoon show. These animals know their impressive tricks like the back of their paws.

Imagine the cutest dog trick and you'll see it here. From jumping rope and walking on hind legs to barking out an answer to a math problem, it's amazing what these canines can do. In a classroom skit, you'll even see dogs act in roles like the class clown, the snitch and even the late kid.

"Dogs love to be trained," Popovich said.

Don't underestimate the kitties, either -- these furry felines are just as talented. Cat lovers, you're in for a treat: See cats balance on balls, climb on top of towering stools and move swiftly across two bars like a gymnast.

"The cats have very strong muscles, much stronger than we think," he said. "It's fun for them."  

He incorporates each of the pets' personalities into each of his routines. Whether their specialty is jumping, climbing, barking, balancing or just sitting there looking cute, Popovich works around their natural talents.

"I do nothing against nature," said Popovich. "You cannot make [them] do what they don't like to do."

If you don't believe cats and dogs get along, this show proves otherwise. Watch as one of the cats goes for a piggyback ride on a dog. Another bonding moment includes a cat pushing a dog in a stroller. In the show's opening number, a dog goes in and rescues his feline friend from the smoky apartment. (Don't worry -- no pets were harmed in this scene.)

Popovich adopted all of his talented stars from animal shelters.

"I don't look for a special breed," said Popovich. "When I go to the shelter, I look for the personality of the animal. I have an open mind and I see how the pet is acting."

Aside from the remarkable tricks, the outfits on the pups are so doggone cute. In different scenes, you'll see firefighter outfits, a train conductor uniform, even sporty gear and a tutu.

Since Popovich grew up in a family of circus performers (five generations worth!), a portion of the show is dedicated to acrobatic and juggling stunts.

Winner of five international juggling awards and a member of the Guinness Book of World Records, Popovich captures the audience's attention by using creative props and even juggles while on top of a steep step ladder.

While these circus and pet tricks seem unbelievable, Popovich said all it takes is patience.

"If you have a dream, you have to practice," Popovich explained. "You have to work very hard to reach your dream. Everything depends on you."

If you're inspired to get your cat to perform tricks (or simply follow your orders), there is a special training DVD you can purchase after the show.

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