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Bullets and Burgers Adventure

Bullets and Burgers Adventure

Destination: Other

Type: Airplane, Bus

Shoot a .50-caliber and fire fully automatic machine guns and specialty weapons at a private outdoor range just outside Las Vegas, plus enjoy photo opportunities and a hamburger lunch on this exciting tour.

The adventure begins with transportation from your hotel via a shuttle to the Bullets and Burgers range. Once at the range, you'll shoot in a "Desert Storm" atmosphere in the Mojave Desert with the help of a certified ex-military firearms instructor. You will choose from a variety of guns, machine guns, specialty guns and belt fed machine guns (depending upon your package level), including actual guns used in the movies "Rambo," "Terminator" and "Jumanji." 

Guns include:

  • Sub Machine Guns: Sten, Mac-11, HK MP-5k, Schmeisser MP 40, Walther MPL, The Steyr MPi 69, MPH/40, Glock 18, Uzi, HK (Ump), P90 USG, Mac10, Thompson
  • Machine Guns: Colt M-16, HK G-36, FN FAL, AK-47, M-4, Galil, Scar
  • Belt-fed Machine Guns: MG42, M1919 Browning Machine Gun, MG34, M249, M60E3, Bren, Maxim, PKM, RPD
  • 50-Caliber: Browning .50 Cal, Barrett .50 Cal Sniper Rifle, Desert Eagle .50 Cal, S&W Model 500 .50 Magnum
  • Specialty Guns: Browning .50 Cal, M203 Grenade Launcher, Dragunov SVD, Barrett .50 Cal Sniper Rifle, USAS-12 Shotgun, Maxim

After shooting, enjoy an All American World Famous Burger, fresh cut french fries and a soft drink or alcoholic beverage at the World Famous Arizona Last Stop restaurant.

The shuttle back to your hotel will make a stop at the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge overlooking the Hoover Dam.

Please note: Additional guns are available and can be added for an additional fee, depending upon the package you choose. All firearms are subject to availability.

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