Gold Boutique Nightclub and Lounge
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Gold Lounge

3730 Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV, 89158

Location: Strip

Type: Clubs And Lounges

Cirque du Soleil and The Light Group have a good track record as far as bringing visually interesting and appealing nightlife venues to Las Vegas, and Gold Boutique Nightclub and Lounge embodies the trend with much flair.

Located across from Zarkana Theater, Gold is perfect for some drinks before or after the show or for taking in some cool house music with good friends.

Even though it's seen some redesigns over the years, Gold still takes a lot of influence from 1950s rock 'n' roll star opulence, inside and out. The exterior sets you up with an unusual golden monkey emblem, reminiscent of the massive mansions stars like Elvis lived in.

On the inside, you'll be greeted by lots of black and gold detailing, shiny mirrors and fancy leather seats. It pretty much feels like the den in someone's house, if "someone" had all the money in the world to put something this extravagant together.

Bottle service is available, so you can kick back at one of the booths or many tables with comfy couches (both are available) and let Gold's friendly staff take care of you. Even these tables seem extravagant, with fine marbled or tile appearances.

The club itself isn't huge by any means, but it's comfortable. You have a long bar on one end and plenty of seating scattered throughout the lounge and running along the edges. There's also space to dance between most spots, with a dedicated dance floor and DJ booth. The latter is tucked away enough to not disturb the space on the dance floor, which comes in handy in a spot like this.

Gold opens early for a nightclub, so the vibe does start off with more of a chill lounge atmosphere at first. The music (and clientele) gradually transition to more of a nightclub party over the evening, usually turning into a full-fledged party by 10 p.m.

Whether you're coming here to start the night, or this is your spot to cool things down after a night on the town, this is one venue that's solid gold.

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