Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub
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3708 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Las Vegas, NV, 89109

Location: Strip

Type: Clubs And Lounges

Why go for one type of club atmosphere, when you can go for many?

Its sister properties combine dining and nightlife, but Marquee, Tao Group's newest Vegas property, emphasizes music. Three different rooms mean three different vibes each night, and whether you choose one or all three, each is handled spectacularly well.

When you get to Marquee from second floor of The Cosmopolitan (after a quick elevator ride), you are met by the first bar. From here, you can start the night off with a stiff drink and figure out where to head next: Go right to the enormous main room, or left into the subdued Boom Box Room.

The more intimate Boom Box Room plays mainly hip hop, and though it doesn't have its own dedicated dance floor, details like silhouette paintings on the walls and faux-croc-skin flooring give it lots of character. The Boom Box is a little more subdued but it's perfect if you want a little bit of music and dancing without a full-on dance party erupting.

The main room, on the other hand, is the epitome of "big room" style nightlife spectacle. The dance floor and main walkway are surrounded with booths, with the walkway leading toward a bar near the back.

A 40-foot LED screen near the dance floor and an impressive sound system gives the DJ booth some added oomph to work with, making events like "Party Rock Mondays" even more over-the-top. Each resident DJ has their own signature visualization on the screen, as go-go dancers move on the catwalks above. Of course, the dance floor is packed each night, with everyone getting into the party.

Head back past the back bar, and you'll walk out to the day club area, which is also open at night depending on the season. There are two large pools, cabanas (with their own private pool) and outdoor gaming tables.

The third and final room is almost hidden, with an entrance tucked behind the main room LED screen. The Library looks like, well, a library. Hundreds of Vegas-related books are stacked throughout the room, with seating, a billiards table and bar rounding out the amenities.

Marquee packs a lot of variety into one venue, making it a great starting point -- or ending point, for any night out on the town.



Private Rooms Available: 2
Max Standing Capacity: 1,000
Private Room
Outdoor Space
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