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Las Vegas


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And oh, yes, there’s more.

And oh, yes, there’s more.
Las Vegas sightseeing doesn't have to be from the window of a bus. (Not that there's anything wrong with that, especially if the bus is air-conditioned.)
It's just that, sometimes, the best Las Vegas tour guide is you, sitting behind the wheel of a gleaming red Ferrari. Or sitting with a friend in a giant wicker basket, perched under a spectacular hot-air balloon at sunrise. Or flying over the sand in a high-powered dune buggy. more...
You get the idea. Las Vegas naturally encourages adventure, and pushes you to experience the new. And do we ever have some unusual ways to tour this part of the world. 
This world includes a rumored portal to the Out of this World. If you've ever been curious about UFOs and the top secret "black ops" world, the Area 51 tour is for you. While official access to this secret government base is still restricted, you'll still get a good idea of the lore and legend of the place. And the stark, remote location will remind you why the government picked this location in the first place. The Truth Is Out There, but it's way out there.
More earthly tours are available too, including the aforementioned Ferrari tour of the famous and picturesque Red Rock Canyon.
Various driving academies and race schools run high-performance experiences around town, too, including several around the steep-banked oval of Las Vegas Motor Speedway.
Balloon rides are popular and spectacular. Dune buggy and ATV tours are noisy good fun. Horseback riding has always been popular here, and the tours around the rugged canyons and high-desert outskirts are in big demand. And this being one of the world's great food towns, there's even a walking gourmet food tour.
This is one of the world's unique cities. It only makes sense that there are unique ways of getting around.
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