Bodies The Exhibition

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Displays demonstrate the fascinating inner workings of the human body at BODIES...The Exhibition inside Luxor. 

June 2018

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June 2018
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This compelling attraction created by Premier Exhibitions, Inc., explains the inner workings of the human body. Showcasing every system that makes the human body function, visitors will see displays of full-body human specimens preserved by polymer preservation.

While real human body parts are on display, this attraction is suitable and educational for all ages, as the fascinating systems of the human body are respectfully displayed and explained. The 36,800-square-foot exhibition center at Luxor showcases more than 260 full-body, organ and partial body specimens, depicting the many parts of our anatomy continuously function without our active thought.

The exhibits are arranged by the different systems in the human body, starting with the skeletal system and moving on to more complex systems. With more than 10 million visitors having seen the exhibit across the nation, it continues to be a success because unlike other exhibits, BODIES…The Exhibition is relevant to everyone.

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