Zumanity Cirque du Soleil

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Location New York - New York

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Show Type Adult, Cirque du Soleil, Production

Zumanity by Cirque du Soleil ignites passion and opens up your mind to the fluid movements of sexuality.

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“Zumanity” showcases the erotic side of Cirque du Soleil. Do not fear however, because the cast of acrobats and dancers that have made Cirque such a mesmerizing hit, still remain. What makes this production unique however, is the fact that “Zumanity” is the only Cirque show that incorporates the English language into its set.

Audience members are guided throughout the show by the “Mistress of Seduction,” the show’s host, who also happens to be an over-the-top drag queen. The cast expertly provides comedic relief to lighten the mood while they joke about taboo sexual topics. Additionally, there is an interactive house band, the Zumanity Orchestra, to further immerse audience members into the show’s erotic atmosphere.

With acts ranging from aerial silks to cage dances, and contortion numbers to hilarious moments of audience participation, “Zumanity” explores various realms of sexuality and pleasures from a very artful perspective. Guests must be 18 years of age or older to attend this show.

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