Wallace at Westgate

from $81

Location Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino

Phone (866) 287-2028

Show Type Comedy

Comedy legend George Wallace is ready to show Las Vegas why he's one of the industry's best.

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8 p.m. Tuesdays - Thursdays. 

Show Length:

90 Minutes

Get ready to see comedy legend George Wallace up-close-and-personal when he hits the Las Vegas stage.

Since getting his start at The Comedy Store in Hollywood in 1978, George Wallace has been setting comedy ablaze. His off-the-cuff jokes and improvised tales have helped him travel the world and enjoy features on movies and TV shows, alike. Name a late-night show and chances are that Wallace has graced the stage. But even he’ll tell you that his passion is on the stand-up stage. On stage is where he uses his globetrotting adventures and experiences to connect with, and make jokes about, his audience.

Get your tickets now and gear up for a night full of laughter. And who knows, you might even get a chance to talk about your hometown with the legend himself.