Jeff Ross & Dave Attell: Bumping Mics

from $56

Location Mirage

Phone 866-287-2028

Jeff Ross and Dave Attell are ready to take the stage by storm with their hilarious stand-up comedy.

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June 9 Saturday

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10 p.m. on June 9, 2018.

What’s better than one comedian making fun of audience members? Two comedians on one stage making fun of each other.

Jeff Ross and Dave Attell are ready to rip each other a new one with their off-the-cusp jokes and their famous one-liners. As “The Roast Master General,” Jeff Ross is a pro at this and might mop the floor with Dave Attell, but Attell might surprise everyone. He has written for SNL and been on multiple HBO specials. But then again Ross has roasted people like Justin Bieber, Charlie Sheen and even Donald Trump. They’re so good the room is about to explode, but with laughter instead of C4.  

These two were meant to share the stage for our entertainment. Watch Jeff Ross and Dave Attell bump mics in Vegas.