Rodney Carrington

from $77

Location MGM Grand

Phone 866-287-2028

Show Type Comedy, Concerts, Limited Time Engagements

Rodney Carrington is coming to Vegas to unleash his raunchiest jokes.

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December 15 Saturday

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December 6 - 15, 2018.

Show Length:

75 to 90 Minutes

If you thought “Eight Crazy Nights” by Adam Sandler was wild, just wait till Rodney Carrington takes the Vegas stage and sings “A Letter to My Penis.” Yeah, some people love talking about their own junk.

Rodney Carrington started his career like most comedians at an open mic night, but as soon as he started putting out his jokes, people loved him. People were laughing so hard that syndicated radio stations started recruiting him to come in and sing on their morning shows and boom went the dynamite. He was signed by Mercury Records soon after that and produced albums like “Morning Wood,” “Nut Sack,” “El Niño Loco” and “King of the Mountains.”

He doesn’t hold anything back, and you’ll soon realize that after he starts his first song. Rodney Carrington is coming to Vegas and the raunch-o-meter is going wild.