Ron White

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Location Mirage

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Show Type Comedy, Limited Time Engagements

Watch Ron White "Drunk in Public" live in Las Vegas.

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90 Minutes

Comedians are the modern day clowns. They want to make you laugh, and sometimes it’s at their expense, but mostly it’s at yours – especially when dealing with Ron White.

He’s also known as “Tater Salad” (you don’t want to know) and is filling the lounge with cigar smoke and drinking a clean scotch instead of water for this night of entertainment. Now here’s a list of impressive facts that are supposed to convince you to head to this show. He’s one of the top three grossing comedians in the U.S., he has a multi-platinum CD called “Drunk in Public” and his one hour comedy special “You Can’t Fix Stupid” has more than 4.5 million viewers – making it the third largest audience in Comedy Central history. We could go on, but his record of being a funnyman seems crystal clear.

Let the laughs keep rolling and knees keep on slapping. Ron White is a comedian that has a track record to back up his jokes.