Aaron Lewis

Location Orleans

Phone 866-287-2028

Show Type Concerts

Aaron Lewis is coming to Vegas to show us a good time.

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Age restriction: Must be 5 years of age or older
Additional information: N/A
Other restrictions: N/A
Show times:

8 p.m. on April 14 - 15, 2018.

When you’re a great musician, you can sing any genre like a pro. Reformed heavy metal rocker turned country solo artist, Aaron Lewis, is coming to Vegas to show us a foot tapping good time.

There’s no denying that Aaron Lewis has moved from band to band to solo artist. But, that’s because he’s so talented he can wear many musical hats. He went from trucker hat to straw hat, and in a lot of cases people would say that’s an upgrade. All he needs now is a tractor, and he’ll make it to the top of the country charts for the rest of his life. But in the meantime while he’s shopping for his tractor, he has hits like, “Country Boy,” “Northern Redneck” and “Granddaddy’s Gun.” Those are our jams when we go line dancing and he sure knows how to get us in a country mood. If your cowboy boots aren’t moving by now, they’ll start in no time.

Slip them on, it’s time to get your country on at Aaron Lewis’ concert in Vegas.