Primus & Mastodon

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Location Downtown Las Vegas Event Center

Phone 866-287-2028

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Primus & Mastodon are teaming up to give us a night to remember.

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July 3 Tuesday

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8 p.m. on July 3, 2018.

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Time to get weird and rock out to Primus & Mastodon. Have you ever climbed “Blood Mountain” or had a “Frizzle Fry?” We have. For those of you who aren’t cult followers of these bands, that’s the name of one of their albums.

Primus was based in San Francisco and got their start in the early ‘80s, whereas Mastodon got their start two decades later in Atlanta. Yeah, they’re from different eras, but when combined, they’re like a megasonic super sound you can’t stop listening to. Plus, they have long flowing locks that we all wish we could pull off. Mastodon’s biggest hits were, “Show Yourself,” “Steambreather” and “Blood and Thunder.” And Primus is bringing us, “Jerry Was a Race Car Driver,” “John the Fisherman” and “My Name is Mud.”

Long story short, these two bands are coming to Vegas and we’re stoked to the max.