The FAMtastic Hypnosis Show

from $28

Location Paris Las Vegas

Phone 866-287-2028

Show Type Afternoon Shows, Comedy, Hypnosis

The FAMtastic Hypnosis Show inside Paris Las Vegas is a family affair. Get your cheap tickets today.

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Prices from: $27.63  and up
Age restriction: No age restriction
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Show times:

3 p.m. on Thursday - Tuesday. 

Show Length:

90 minutes. 

Round up the kids, it’s time to hypnotize them to finally do some chores. Too good to be true? The FAMtastic Hypnosis Show inside Paris Las Vegas can put anyone in a trance, and make them do just about anything. 

Produced by the world-famous hypnotist, Anthony Cools, this show will make the whole family laugh. This is the perfect show for those who are looking to fill their afternoon with a bit of fun, and since it’s during the day you won’t have to worry about your kids being out too late. Participate or not, you may not have a choice, because this hypnotist can make you say or do anything. This is strictly G-rated, so there won’t be anything that will make you cover your kids’ ears or eyes. 

The FAMtastic Hypnosis Show inside Paris Las Vegas will be the highlight of your family vacation in Vegas. Get your cheap tickets today.