Divas starring Frank Marino

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Location The LINQ Hotel and Casino

Phone (866) 287-2028

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Get ready for an all-star cast of female impersonators with Divas Starring Frank Marino.

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Don’t be a drag, just be a queen. And Divas, starring Frank Marino are the queens of the world (in our hearts)!!

Frank Marino has toured all around, been on plenty of reality TV shows like the “Long Island Medium,” has his own show called, "Last Laugh in Vegas" and now he’s a headliner in Vegas with a bunch of his girlfriends. From Katy Perry to Beyoncé to Dolly Parton, this show is one helluva ball. The drag queens do their makeup so well, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the celebrities and the impersonators. So, when you go back home, you can totally gossip about how you went to see Cher. Between acts, you get a taste of comedy as Frank comes out and delivers jokes after joke. Not only will you be holding onto your seat for dear life because he’s hilarious, but you’ll also be so surprised at how many different dresses this diva has.

But before all of the action happens and the show starts, Frank goes live on Facebook to hear what you have to say. You, the audience, get to make the decision of who you want to see at that night’s show by commenting on the post.

So, who will you choose? Tina Turner or Bette Midler? The choice is yours, good luck and don’t worry, they’re all a good time.  


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