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<p>Get ready to have your mind freaked, live! Criss Angel's Midfreak Live will leave you in amazement. </p>

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After a 7-year-plus run of his show “BeLIEve” at the Luxor Las Vegas, Criss Angel, named the Magician of the Century, shakes things up bringing a new production that combines his successful television show with bigger illusions - “MINDFREAK LIVE!”

“MINDFREAK LIVE!” combines elements from Angel's TV show and a touring version of "Mindfreak" but for the Vegas version, Angel ratchets up the magic. The show will feature Angel, a cast of fellow performers skilled in acrobatics, body-balancing and tricks, plus original illusions, state-of-the-art animated LED lighting and RGB laser explosions, LED virtual worlds, 3-D immersive effects, pyrotechnic landscapes, live musicians/DJ and more. Angel will manipulate your mind with unexplainable illusions that will have you question your existence. 

For the Vegas show Angel will be joined by magician and dancer Chloe Crawford. Crawford is familiar to Vegas audiences having appeared in “Fantasy” at the Luxor and worked as an assistant to magician Murray Sawchuck. In 2015 she appeared on “Britain’s Got Talent” making it to the finals and she has been performing in Angel’s touring production of “The Supernaturalists” this past winter.

“Criss is a pioneering and visionary artist and together we created BeLIEve, a first-of-its-kind magic stage phenomenon, of which we are all tremendously proud,” said Jerry Nadal, senior vice president, Cirque du Soleil.

“When we first saw Criss’ new production MINDFREAK® LIVE! on tour, we realized how much he has continued to push the envelope, and the show’s unlimited potential for Criss’ fan base and Las Vegas’ international audience. We are very enthusiastic to continue our partnership with the biggest name in magic as Criss brings his latest unparalleled vision to life at Luxor.”

Arrive in advance: There's a pre-show 30 minutes before showtime that includes a video about Criss' history and artist animation. 

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