Dirk Arthur Wild Magic

from $43

Location Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino

Phone (866) 287 - 2028

Show Type Magic

Dirk Arthur is going to treat you to a wild evening full of spectacular magic.

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A quick rundown of a few of life’s best combinations: bacon and eggs, Starsky and Hutch, magic and Las Vegas. And it’s the last combo that has us especially excited because long time magician, Dirk Arthur is bringing his show “Wild Magic” to the Las Vegas stage.

Dirk Arthur has been “ooh-ing” and “ahh-ing” crowds in Vegas for a while now. And if you can make a helicopter appear out of nowhere or make a car levitate, you definitely deserve the praise. This show, “Wild Magic,” goes next level with the introduction of Dirk’s trademark illusions. So get ready to be amazed by everything from disappearing people to large objects appearing on stage.

Maybe it’s just us, but the magic shows in Las Vegas are cut from a different cloth. Dirk Arthur is no different.