Masters of Illusion

from $45

Location Bally's

Phone 866-287-2028

Show Type Magic

The Masters of Illusion are pulling out all the stunts for one mind blowing show.

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When you go see Masters of Illusion, you’re going to ask yourself how much you had to drink and when you got accepted to Hogwarts because this is some next level magic.

These aren’t your typical run of the mill, pull a rabbit out of the hat magicians. This group is the real deal, like they've been on TV. They’re coming to Las Vegas to show the Entertainment Capital of the World what real magic looks like. With all of their Hollywood success, they’re going to make sure they pull out all the tricks when they’re here. If you don’t believe in wizardry after seeing a piano flipped in the air while the person playing it sitting still, then there’s something wrong in your head. And instead of being bored by watching a one-man show the whole time, they bring out the full-fledged magicians like Greg Gleason, Farrell Dillon, Naathan Phan, Tommy Wind and Chris Randall. See, even their names are magical.

Welcome to Hogwarts. Magic is indeed real and the Masters of Illusion will prove it to you while they’re here in Vegas. 

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