Circus 1903

from $55

Location Paris Las Vegas

Phone (866) 287-2028

Show Type Production, Variety, Family Shows

Circus 1903 - The Golden Age of Circus takes you back in time to experience the intrigue and mystery that was the circus.

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This show is recommended for children ages 2 and up. Infants under 1 year old are free, but must sit on an adults lap. All attendees age 1 and older require a full price ticket. 

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7 p.m. on Tuesdays - Sundays, with an additional show at 3 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays.

Come one. Come all. Circus 1903 – The Golden Age of Circus has parked itself right in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip and has pulled back the curtain on its tent.

Built to amaze, Circus 1903 is a throwback to circus’ heyday. All of the daring and thrill of the circus is featured –but taken to the next level. We’re talking knife throwers, strongmen, high-wire acts, magicians and much more. But undoubtedly, the stars of the show are the two large-scale elephant puppets, Queenie and Peanut. These life-like elephants steal the show and add a level of emotion that’d rival a sappy romcom.

Circus 1903 – The Golden Age of Circus is proof that the circus is alive and well. This show is non-stop thrill and excitement from beginning to end.

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