Mario Andretti Racing Experience

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Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

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To/from the hotel.

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Mario Andretti Racing Experience is taking your racing game to the next level.

**Ahh…looks like you’ve missed this one. Don’t worry though, there’s more Las Vegas attractions where that came from. **

Time to rev up your engine and speed over to Mario Andretti Racing Experience.

There’s nothing like hitting the 200 MPH mark in an Indy, Daytona, Shelby or Hellcat and knowing you’re in full control of the road ahead. Mario Andretti knows what it feels like and now he wants you to experience it for yourself. Gear up, strap in and let the thrill ride begin. Who would’ve thought this is what true freedom feels like? With many different packages, you have the control of the wheel to your next adventure. You decide on how much time you want on the track and how you want to experience it.

When it comes to race car experiences, this is how it’s done.